Practice Model

14976736_10211413891245229_2625594014038091490_oThis woman cried when the students used her for a practice model yesterday. She has a challenge with alcohol. She said she had not felt pretty for
Many years. Her eyes gained light. Watching the women from the street have their hair washed and cut and blown with care and love made me think of Jesus washing the feet


Beyond Beautiful is bringing light to a very dark area

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Students I worked with today. Helping them to stand in their dreams. Love them all.












This is Beyond Beautiful on the outside…isn’t it amazing how wonderful it looks inside.


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Blocks and blocks and blocks and then more blocks of very poor housing. This is the neighborhood of Beyond Beautiful the trade school we are creating in South Africa



We are all the same on the inside…any where in the world

14939605_10211413716160852_7794138289133837112_oThese courageous women did mat trips with me tonight. If you have ever done one of my Women’s Retreats you know how brave they were. Love their hearts. We are all the same worldwide on the inside… any where in the world.

Well today in South Africa has been a huge success…there are so many women signing up for “sessions” with me. Then there are times I will be doing large groups. Pictures will follow. It has been an honor an a miracle to watch how willing these women are to heal. I have been given so much trust. Thank you all for every dollar (turned into rand) you have shared with these wonderful souls. Blessings on us all and God Bless America tonight.


South African Blow-out

14940119_10211422984232548_2879075777773423053_o 14976845_10211422984152546_4711946803826968361_oHey guess who got a hip South African blow out and cut. I have no idea how to keep it. So the students told me if I move here they will blow it out every day.


We can survive 11/9

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Gordon’s Bay

15016344_10211394019708453_4151707777574222434_oThis is Gordon’s Bay. Spectacular. The area around Cape Town is like Arizona with an ocean. Reminds me so much of San Diego. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. High rise condos, beautiful hotels and restaurants…. check out tomorrow’s pictures.


Father Valentino Salvadorio

14990943_10211388850699231_276871320512811801_oThis is Father Valentino Salvadorio a representative of the Pope. He was my seat mate flying from Paris to South Africa. He was a delightful companion. I thought it was a great cosmic joke since I am currently finishing a book about my spiritual journey away from the Catholic Church. We had a wonderful talk. He wants a copy of my book as soon as it is done. I also taught him about the 12 Steps. He was very interested he had never heard of them. Just an amazing connection. My journey in Africa continues.


Arrival at Cape Town Airport

This is me arriving at the Cape Town Airport on Friday night November 4th at 11pm their time…NH (4pm)…after 30 hours of traveling…I am staying at a home outside of the area where Poppy and the school are….Roeline and her husband are board members of Beyond Beautiful they are working very hard to make it all happen. Clayton, Roeline’s husband has donated all the carpentry, electrical and plumbing work. My Facebook friends and family have donated most of the funds that bought the materials…Monday I begin leading groups at the school. The journey has begun.


14882332_10211363065374614_1324434735982696878_oSuitcase for the street kids. I’m gonna’ set up street school. Photos to come. Love you all.


In 36 hours I leave for South Africa….

Packing for SAWHAT CAN I SAY?

I can say in 48 hours I am leaving everything I know for the other side of the world.
I will be staying in the home of people I have only met on Skype. They are doing everything in their power to make me feel welcome and safe. They are meeting me at the airport in Cape Town at 11pm their time Friday evening. Cape Town time is six hours ahead of us. (N.H. USA)

What do I know? I know a lot of well meaning folks have warned me how dangerous traveling to South Africa can be. I know that others have said I will be changed for life. I know I love the women I have worked with over the Skype. I know that the connection was made because one woman, Rosie, saw a video I did and contacted me to help her friends.

Of all the videos on-line…of all the people she could have watched…she watched my video and asked me. What I know…that was no accident.

The Source of all that IS has connected us.

Now I have to go find out why?
Stay tuned…..
Blessings and gratitude


Do you want to know why I am going to South Africa? Click here to learn more and support Beyond Beautiful, a trade school offering a path to disadvantaged South African women: