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Hello, I'm Irene.

For over 30 years, I have been teaching people just like you to...

trust  your gut.

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Come back to your TA-DA! 

People of all ages from around the world have been taught not to listen to the inner wisdom they were born with. Babies listen... that is how they learn to walk. They don’t read a manual or someone else’s rules ...they trust what they know, they trust their gut. They get excited for it. They believe in their own power. They are excited and alive with their TA-DA! They do not question what they know. They live from their TA-DA until they have experiences that turn into beliefs that convince them they are not good enough... their TA-DA is not to be trusted. That was my story... and undoing my story... coming back to my TA-DA and bringing others back to theirs is my life work.

Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, Author / Speaker

"Irene has this knack – a KNOWING – for asking questions or making comments that precisely cut through the 'thickness of life' down to that which is more essential...”

Uma Abrami,
Voice Coach

“Picture – loving grandmother, meets samurai warrior, meets stand-up comic – that is Irene Tomkinson...”

Lisa Natoli,
Teacher / Author 

“I could not put it down. Read in one shot. Engaging, inspiring, and will make you think about God and your life in a whole new way…”

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