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Women's Retreat - Sat./Sun. May 19/20 2018

Is it time... to make changes from the inside out?

Is it time...  to remove the mental and emotional blocks that keep you from living your life your way?

Is it time...   to let go of the past and claim your future?

Just remember you only have one life to live. Now is the time to start living the life you want.


Together, we will create a safe environment that will allow you to look at what you need to see.   

Create the life you want by:

1) Learning how your history controls your behavior.
2) Reclaiming  your authentic self.
3) Standing out in all that is Possible.

Going there alone doesn't work... you need guidance and support.  But you do need to go there... wherever  "there" is for you. Learn Compassion For YOU and the rest will follow.

Sorry, but to insure a quality experience for each participant the workshop is limited to only 8.

Reserve your place with a check to:

COST: $595

Workshop begins 8:00 am on Sat. and goes thru 6:00 pm on Sun.
Meals and snacks included.

Credit Cards are accepted but there is a service charge.
To register using your credit card, call Irene at 603-964-7090.
Spaces fill quickly. Payment is necessary to hold your space. Contact us for information.

Former participants are willing to be used as references... they love to share their experiences.
Just get in touch with Irene for some names.

 Stay tuned for more upcoming events... 

women's retreat

"Irene did more for my soul in one weekend than all my previous therapists did in 20 years combined. I've never seen anyone with a more innate ability to read, respect and assist in the processing of pain.  Irene is a comfort.  She is safe, she is a gift and she was put here to heal."

"Irene's workshop is truly transformational. She constructs a setting that allows for deep personal growth. By learning more about the others around you, you learn more about yourself. It is a trusting environment where you develop a close bond with the other participants by hearing their journey and candidly sharing yours. Irene will carefully guide you to greater self awareness."

"When you join one of  Irene's retreats, you set off on a journey of self-exploration in a safe, nurturing environment. Irene assists you in an examination of your personal history that provides a fresh perspective. It is an opportunity to become "unstuck" from the things that interfere with your enjoyment of life."

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