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Freedom from Anxiety

Free full-length sample of one of Irene's workshops...

Do you want…

• Relief from Anxiety
• Confidence in Decision Making
• To find & use your Authentic Voice
• To Know your Purpose & how to live it
• Connect yourself to any disconnected parts
• Find peace with any transition (aging, personal loss, death etc.)
• Meet your creativity... and much more

Workshop Intro:

Complete recording of "Freedom From Anxiety":

Stay tuned for more online workshops coming soon!
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"Irene did more for my soul in one weekend than all my previous therapists did in 20 years combined. I've never seen anyone with a more innate ability to read, respect and assist in the processing of pain.  Irene is a comfort.  She is safe, she is a gift and she was put here to heal."

"Irene's workshop is truly transformational. She constructs a setting that allows for deep personal growth. By learning more about the others around you, you learn more about yourself. It is a trusting environment where you develop a close bond with the other participants by hearing their journey and candidly sharing yours. Irene will carefully guide you to greater self awareness."

"When you join one of  Irene's retreats, you set off on a journey of self-exploration in a safe, nurturing environment. Irene assists you in an examination of your personal history that provides a fresh perspective. It is an opportunity to become "unstuck" from the things that interfere with your enjoyment of life."

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